Giorgos Alexakis

Giorgos Alexakis

Media & Performance Marketing Manager, Dixons South-East Europe

As the Media & Performance Marketing Manager at Dixons South-East Europe, Giorgos effectively blends technology with marketing strategies. His decade-plus experience in Integrated Media Strategy & Digital Marketing spans various sectors such as retail, technology & telecommunications, providing a broad perspective from both agency and client sides.

Transforming brand identities in online and offline spaces, his work creates opportunities for customer engagement from existing challenges. Understanding customer experiences and driving brand growth through media effectiveness is central to his approach. Innovation, collaboration, and learning are the hallmarks of each project and campaign he leads.

Combining analytical skills with a focus on customer needs, Giorgos navigates modern marketing complexities, consistently achieving results. His practice of data-driven decision-making and effective communication are key to his professional success.

In developing digital ecosystems, his expertise lies in enhancing media utility and extracting insights. His commitment to adapting and innovating keeps him at the forefront of the marketing & media industry.

Panel Discussion Title:
" Seazing the Ecommerce & Retail Growth Opportunity in 2024, with META"