Angelos Perlegkas

Angelos Perlegkas

Instructor, Knowcrunch & Digital Marketing Specialist, Apearl

Working as Instructor at Knowcrunch & Digital Marketing Specialist at Apearl, Angelos is an experienced digital marketing specialist who supports small and medium-sized enterprises all over Greece, with an expertise in Meta Platforms.

He grew up as a true digital native, engaging with various online groups and forums. After 2010, he became a well-respected content creator for the greek gaming community with thousands of followers subscribed to his personal social media channels. He also enjoys coaching social media professionals through practical methods as well as writing content for the digital marketing community.

Last but not least, he is a part-time cryptocurrencies aficionado and has been an early adopter in numerous Web 3.0 technologies like blockchain, NFTs and DeFi, with a view to becoming an adept Metaverse Marketer.

Presentation Title:
"Community Building With Facebook & Instagram in 2024"

1. Community as a trend in marketing for 2024
2. Why facebook & instagram
3. In-app tools to use: specific features with examples
4. 2 case studies