John Thornton
Keynote Speaker - Live in Athens

John Thornton

Senior Creative, SURREAL

John gets paid to write daft things on the internet. Some of the poor fools who’ve hired him include innocent smoothies, Oxfam and, uh…the UN? Not sure how that last one happened.

John’s latest victims - sorry, employers - are Surreal: a startup cereal company who hand in 10ft tall resignations, design billboards on MS Paint, and swap their office for IKEA show rooms.

John’s dad doesn’t understand his job, and neither do many other people, but he’s gone viral a bunch of times, so he must be doing something right. Right?

Presentation Title:
"How have I not been fired yet?"

John’s worked in social media for nearly a decade, making content for brands like innocent smoothies, Surreal and…uh…The United Nations. With drunk posts, online arguments, and so much Comic Sans it should be illegal, it’s a miracle he hasn’t been sacked.

John will be chatting about how being silly on social media is a surprisingly effective strategy, and he'll cover things like:
- Giving boring posts personality
- Talking like a human
- Adapting ideas to get the most out of each channel
- Getting the max out of the comment section

A few of the terrible, terrible mistakes he’s made (there sadly won’t be time to cover all of them).