Michael Corcoran
Live in Athens

Michael Corcoran

Head of Social Media, Ryanair

‘All Things’ organizers said I had to provide a bio, so here it is <see above> followed by <also see above>. Guess you need to know how I got here. I have 12 years of experience <insert big brand names here to show off and brag>. At Ryanair; I run its social media. I'm not a Forbes 30 under 30; I have not been named 'Top Marketing Influencer' by some random agency looking to PR for new business. I let my work do the talking (most of the time), and I think I'm doing ok at it.

Presentation Title:

"You can be on Social without ‘being on Social’"

It is time we as professionals really start to think about the role social plays for your brand or business. If you try be all things to all people on Facebook and Instagram, you are more than likely diluting you effort, not driving any REAL impact from brand and performance and just adding to the sea of corporate sameness. You’re also most likely doing it with a small team and limited resource too, right, ok let’s rip the band aid off.

We will...:

  • talk different ways to use FB and IG to solve a problem or utilize an opportunity for brand and business on social.
  • look at the four key variables that should influence your strategy and before deciding what role social can play to REALLY try to add value over time.
  • take 3-4 scenario examples of how to use social beyond the just posting content and wasting time and money.

Lastly I’ll sit and waffle about how Ryanair do it.