Sarah Sal
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Sarah Sal

Facebook Ads Specialist, Hootsuite & AdEspresso

Sarah's a Facebook Ads Specialist at Hootsuite & AdEspresso. With 7 figures in Facebook ads spent under her belt in 10+ years, she’s run ads for companies like ClickFunnels and Strategyzer. When she started running ads for the latter, they struggled to make $0.40 for each $1 spent on ads, and she moved them to $18 for each $1 spent.

She’s written on Facebook ad testing, strategy, and execution for AdEspresso, Agorapulse, Blitzmetrics, Copyhackers, ActiveCampaign, AdWeek, Jon Loomer’s Power Hitters Club and the likes. And she's even presented inside Perry Marshall's iconic 80/20 Facebook ads course.


Presentation Title

Facebook Case Study: "3,118 Opt-ins in 7 Days at £0.54/Lead While Beating FB Ad Fatigue"

Often Advertisers complain: “My ad campaign performances dropped. I think it’s because Facebook has changed their algorithms”. Sarah will present a case study based on a campaign she has been running successfully since September 2015. Having received recently, over a recent 7-day period, 3,118 opt-ins at £0.54/lead, Sarah will share storytelling strategies she used to beat ad fatigue.


Workshop Title

"Writing Social Media Ads That Convert Into High ROI"

Ad copy is often an underutilized asset.

Sarah helped companies like Strategyzer make $18.66 for each $1 spent on ads by writing more persuasive copy. While their previous ads only made $0.40 for each $1 spent on ads.

It’s about having convincing ads that don’t look like an ad.

There was the case of a SharkTank company whose ads weren’t profitable and used to think they had a targeting problem. By helping them with more persuasive ad copy, not only did they reach sought-after profitability, but they also got the most sales in a single day on Facebook.

In this 4hr Workshop, Sarah will help you write better converting ad copy.