Simona Vilkaite – Marcinkevice
Live in Athens

Simona Vilkaite – Marcinkevice

Creative Strategist, CEE, Meta

Ten years in the social media business industry - from the agency world to Meta - and still entirely in love with this mobile-first world.
As a creative strategist, Simona has been discovering new creative possibilities at the intersection of people, culture, and technology.
She has helped many brands adopt a mobile-first mindset and continually seeks recent trends and "hacks" to improve their creatives to achieve their business goals.


Presentation Title

"From Heart to Cart: Creatives that Drive Results" 
Working as a Creative Strategist at Meta, Simona will share various examples of brand-building/performance creative strategies that help businesses reach their goals. During her must-attend talk, she will explain why and how it is essential to build a connected brand and how to make creative strategies that work for your business goals.