Szymon Pruszyński
Live in Athens

Szymon Pruszyński

Client Partner Export eCommerce, CEE, Meta

Szymon is a digital advertising expert, lecturer and enthusiast, with over 10 years of hands-on experience on the Agency, Client and Platform side.

Previously focused on sell-side programmatic ecosystem, helping website owners make the best possible money out of ads on their pages.

Since 2021 he's been working with the biggest eCommerce players from the CEE region at Meta as Client Partner responsible for strategic advisory, business consulting and education.

Presentation Title

"Driving ROI Optimization in a Privacy-first World"

In the world of dying cookies, new privacy rulings in various regions and vendor driven changes, such as Apple ATT, many marketers and technology platforms are pivoting away from attribution modelling towards econometrics for evaluating effectiveness.

Attribution models over-estimate the short-term, direct effects of marketing. So they tend to favour performance marketing, direct response, promotions, etc. Econometrics is better able to measure medium to long term effects, and is able to pick up the indirect effects that attribution can’t measure at all.

From this keynote you will learn what exactly econometrics is and how it translates to the specific measurement tools and benefits from modern marketers.